Our aim in the genomics lab is to leverage the power of modern biotechnology to improve drug treatment. Our primary focus is disorders of the central nervous system (CNS). Our work combines techniques from genetics, informatics and pharmacology. The synergy between these disciplines drives our efforts and is greatly facilitated by recent advances in technology, such as next-generation DNA sequencing, and the volume of reference information on biological systems available in the public domain.

The current era is unprecedented in clinical genetics research, with specific risk genes reliably identified for a range of psychiatric and neurological disorders. Our work specifically aims to understand how genomic dysregulation can inform new treatments and also how functional and epigenetic biomarkers can be used to inform clinical decision making. The next phase of research will deliver significant new insights, as the functional roles of genes in disease biology and drug response are revealed. By applying genomic technologies to the study of CNS disorders, we hope to make significant contributions to novel clinical applications and drug development.