2013 Publications

Behavioral metabolomics analysis identifies novel neurochemical signatures in methamphetamine sensitization.

Adkins DE, McClay JL, Vunck SA, Batman AM, Vann RE, Clark SL, Souza RP, Crowley JJ, Sullivan PF, van den Oord EJ, Beardsley PM.

Genes, Brain and Behavior  12 (8): 780-791.

Testing two models describing how methylome-wide studies in blood are informative for psychiatric conditions.

Aberg KA, Xie LY, McClay JL, Nerella S, Vunck SA, Snider SE, Beardsley PM, van den Oord EJ.

Epigenomics  5 (4): 367-377.

Genes, environments, and developmental research: Methods for a multi-site study of early substance abuse.

Costello EJ, Eaves LJ, Sullivan PF, Kennedy MA, Conway K, Adkins DE, Angold A, Clark SL, Erkanli A, McClay JL, Copeland W, Maes H, Liu Y, Patkar A, Silberg J, van den Oord EJ.

Twin Research and Human Genetics  16 (2): 505-515.

A comprehensive family-based replication study of schizophrenia genes.

Aberg KA, Liu Y, Bukszár J, McClay JL, Khachane AN, Andreassen OA, Blackwood D, Corvin A, Djurovic S, Gurling H, Ophoff R, Pato CN, Pato MT, Riley B, Webb T, Kendler K, O'Donovan M, Craddock N, Kirov G, Owen M, Rujescu D, St Clair D, Werge T, Hultman CM, Delisi LE, Sullivan PF, van den Oord EJ.

JAMA Psychiatry  70 (6): 573-581.

Estimation of CpG coverage in whole methylome next-generation sequencing studies.

van den Oord EJ, Bukszár J, Rudolf G, Nerella S, McClay JL, Xie LY, Aberg K.

BMC Bioinformatics 14 (1): 50.

Large-scale neurochemical metabolomics analysis identifies multiple compounds associated with methamphetamine exposure.

McClay JL, Adkins DE, Vunck SA, Batman AM, Vann RE, Clark SL, Beardsley PM, van den Oord EJ.

Metabolomics  9 (2): 392-402.

Genotype-based ancestral background consistently predicts efficacy and side effects across treatments in CATIE and STAR*D.

Adkins DE, Souza RP, Aberg K, Clark SL, McClay JL, Sullivan PF, van den Oord EJ.

PLoS ONE  8 (2): e55239.

Genome-wide association study of patient-rated and clinician-rated global impression of severity during antipsychotic treatment.

Clark SL, Souza RP, Adkins DE, Aberg K, McClay JL, Sullivan PF, van den Oord EJ.

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics  23 (2): 69-77.