2012 Publications

Genome-wide association study of antipsychotic induced QTc interval prolongation.

Aberg K, Adkins DE, Liu Y, McClay JL, Bukszár J, Jia P, Zhao Z, Perkins D, Stroup S, Lieberman JA, Sullivan PF, van den Oord EJ.

The Pharmacogenomics Journal  12 (2): 165-172.

The influence of five monoamine genes on trajectories of depressive symptoms across adolescence and young adulthood.

Adkins DE, Daw J, McClay JL, van den Oord EJ.

Development and Psychopathology  24 (1): 267-285.

Pharmacogenomic study of side effects for antidepressant treatment options in STAR*D.

Clark SL, Adkins DE, Aberg K, Hettema JM, McClay JL, Souza RP, van den Oord EJ.

Psychological Medicine  42 (6): 1151-1162.

SNP-based analysis of neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction pathways implicates PGE2 as a novel mediator of antipsychotic treatment response: Data from the CATIE Study.

Adkins DE, Khachane AN, McClay JL, Aberg K, Bukszár J, Sullivan PF, van den Oord EJ.

Schizophrenia Research  135 (1-3): 200-201.

The glial cell modulators, ibudilast and its amino analog, AV1013, attenuate methamphetamine locomotor activity and its sensitization in mice.

Snider SE, Vunck SA, van den Oord EJ, Adkins DE, McClay JL, Beardsley PM.

European Journal of Pharmacology  679 (1-3): 75-80.

The Center for Biomarker Research and Personalized Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University: advancing psychiatric drug treatment.

McClay JL (2012) Institutional Profile.

Personalized Medicine  9 (5): 479-483.

Genomewide pharmacogenomic study of citalopram-induced side effects in STAR*D.

Adkins DE, Clark SL, Aberg K, Hettema JM, Bukszár J, McClay JL, Souza RP, van den Oord EJ.

Translational Psychiatry 2: e129.

MBD-seq as a cost-effective approach for methylome-wide association studies: demonstration in 1500 case-control samples.

Aberg K, McClay JL, Nerella S, Xie LY, Clark SL, Hudson AD, Bukszár J, Adkins D, Swedish Schizophrenia Consortium, Hultman CM, Sullivan PF, Magnusson PKE, van den Oord EJ.

Epigenomics  4 (6): 605-621.